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  • Shoebill Watching Experience in Mabamba Swamps – Central Uganda
  • General Bird watching Experience of other Bird species rare and endemic to the Region.
DEPARTURE TIME DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/li><\/span>
  • Bottled water<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/li><\/span>
  • Private safari vehicle<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/li><\/span>
  • An English speaking guide<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/li><\/span>
  • Activity access fees<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/li><\/span><\/ul>

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Medical/Travel Insurance

Premium Imported Drinks/Liquors

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What to Expect

The Shoebill Stork also known as a Whale bill Stork is a giant, rare, Pre Historic Bird mainly found in a few wetland locations in Uganda. The bird’s most distinct future is its massive bill that has a clog shape and sharp hook at the tip. It is a tall bird measuring around 115 cm. The Shoebill Stork’s preferred habitat is permanent peaceful swamps where it can be spotted standing watching for fish, wading around or flying slowly above the swamp. It is an ambush feeder that can stand around for a long time in shallow water waiting for prey.

The journey to these Big Stork’s Marshy habitats by a small Boat along Papyrus reed lined water channels passing by Farmlands, Cattle and Goats Grazing or Farmers tending to their Gardens makes for an amazing rural Africa experience. You will have an opportunity too to see some other Bird species like Malachite Kingfisher, African Jacana, and Saddle - billed Stork among others. This is no doubt every Birding Enthusiast’s must do Experience while in Uganda.  


Day 1: Shoe bill Stork Tracking and Birding Experience

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning after breakfast, in Entebbe and transfer to Mabamba Swamp for bird watching.

This is the best place to spot the rare, pre historic looking shoebill Stork also known as the Whale bill stork. It takes about an hour by road via Nakawuka - Kasanje. You will head for a half day, private boat excursion; the wetlands are home to a variety of different bird species.   A canoe ride through papyrus swamp will take you at the best spot of spotting the Shoebill bird among other rare Africa birds like the Malachite Kingfisher, Swamp Flycatchers, African Purple Swamphen, African Water Rail, Common Moorhen, Lesse Jacana, African Jacana, African Pygmy Goose, White faced whistling duck,, Squacco heron, Blue reasted Bee eater, African Jacana, and Saddle - billed Stork, among others. You will spend the day, bird watching and searching for the shoebills, on a lucky day, you will finally, land on them, watch them as they hunt, for food. You will there after return back to your Lodge in Kampala marking the end of your one Day Birding Adventure with us.

Drive Time : 4 hours (To and from
Meal Plan : Breakfast & Lunch.
Activities : Shoebill stork tracking and Birding Experience


Additional Information

1 Day : Duration
2/10 : Physicality
Mabamba Swamp- Nakawuka (Uganda): : Location
10 : Age
2023 to 2024 Dates