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  • Whitewater Rafting floating on the Longest River in the whole World on an inflatable Raft.
  • Bungee Jumping Experience off a 44 Meter Podium/Cliff into the Waters of the River Nile in Jinja- Eastern Uganda
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks.<\/o:p><\/span><\/li>\r\n
  • Bottled water<\/o:p><\/span><\/li>\r\n
  • Private safari vehicle<\/o:p><\/span><\/li>\r\n
  • An English speaking guide<\/o:p><\/span><\/li>\r\n
  • Activity access fees<\/o:p><\/span><\/li>\r\n<\/ul>

    \r\n\r\nAll activities detailed in\r\nthe Itinerary<\/span>


·       Visas

·       Tips/Gifts

·       Medical/Travel Insurance

·       Premium Imported Drinks/Liquors

Any other Items not on the Inclusions List

What to Expect

The River Nile (Longest River in the World) and Jinja Tourism City play home to some of the World’s and Uganda’s most exciting and adrenaline filled Water Sports/ Activities. The warm, gentle waters for most of the Nile River’s stretch have soothed the tired bodies of Travelers starting or completing Safaris in Uganda who lazy away on inflated Tubes or Rafts as they go downstream along gentle rapids or on some parts quite the erratic ones. The more adventurous Travelers have gone the extra mile for Bungee Jumping off a 44 Meter Cliff and dived right into the deep waters of the River Nile- An experience not for the FAINT HEARTED albeit a scintillating and worthwhile one. Some others have chosen to Quad bike along the Muddy Trails that line the River bank. Our recommended One Day Activities of White water Rafting and Bungee Jumping are the best two of the Lot and will leave our Travelers yearning for more.

Whatever you choose to do at the Nile, it’s no doubt a truly life defining and memorable way to end what would have otherwise been a just another Traditional, contemporary Wild life encounter Safari through Uganda’s National Parks. 


Day 1: Transfer to Jinja Tourism City

You will have early morning Breakfast at 6am before preparing for the Drive to Jinja through the Capital Kampala.

You will then have a brief tour the City considered to be the Oldest Industrial Town in Uganda before heading out to your 1st activity of the Day- BUNGEE JUMPING. This is an Adrenaline filled activity where participants jump off a Tall podium/ bridge like structure down into the Source of the RIVER NILE considered to be the longest River in the World. The Uganda Bungee Jump in Uganda is 44 Metres High making it one of the Highest in the World. However, the thrill that comes from falling freely then rebounding softly over and over before finally touching the waters makes it one of the most adventurous activity one can do in their lifetime albeit scary.

After your Bungee Jumping Experience, You will head out for Lunch before heading out again for your final activity of the Day before returning back to Kampala- WHITE WATER RAFTING. Considered one of the best one day white water trips in the world, no safari to Uganda would be complete without truly experiencing the Nile from its source. This adventure water sport will involve you floating along gentle (or more difficult ones for the professional Rafters or adrenaline filled Persons) rapids on an inflatable raft with your Friends and or family up to 8 Persons down the River Nile while enjoying a cold Beer or Fresh Pineapple as you view the forested river line strewn with Lodges, Farmers and Domestic animals like Cattle Grazing. It is truly a beautiful experience. You will thereafter drive back to Kampala, marking the end of your 1 Day adventure with us.

Drive Time : 4 hours (To and from
Meal Plan : Breakfast & Lunch.
Activities : Bungee Jumping & White-water Rafting.


Additional Information

1 Day : Duration
6/10 : Physicality
Source of the River Nile- Jinja (Uganda) : Location
13 : Age
2023 to 2024 Dates