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  • Explore one of Uganda’s Oldest and 2nd biggest Savannah National Parks- Queen Elizabeth NP covering 1,978 sq. kms in size and home to 4 of Africa’s Big Five like Elephants, Lions, Leopards and Buffaloes as well as numerous Bird Species.
  • Boat ride on the Famous Kazinga Channel which is a 30 Mile long Channel connecting Lake Edward and Lake George and lined up with a variety of wildlife along its banks.
  • Sempaya Hot springs Experience in Semliki National Park
  • Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale NP- dubbed the Primate Capital of the World.
  • Gorilla Trekking Adventure in one of the 2 Gorilla National Parks of Uganda and have a 1st hand encounter with these majestic Gentle Giants.
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION This Tour Starts and ends in Entebbe/Kampala
  • Meals
  • Bottled water
  • Private safari vehicle
  • An English speaking guide
  • Park access fees
  • <\/span>All activities detailed in the Itinerary<\/span><\/li><\/ul>"
  • Visas
  • Tips/Gifts
  • Medical/Travel Insurance
  • Premium Imported Drinks/Liquors
  • Any other Items not on the Inclusions List

What to Expect

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the 2nd Biggest in Uganda and is home to about 95 Mammals. The Park famously dubbed the “Medley of Wonders” is home to about 5000 Hippos, 2500 Elephants and 1000 Buffaloes. Its home to a healthy population of Lions, Leopards as well as Spotted Hyenas.

A leisurely Boat Ride along the Kazinga Channel to have a different angle to wildlife viewing in the Park and subsequently an encounter with the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda before returning back to Kampala.


Day 1: Transfer to Fort portal Tourism City- Sempaya Hot springs Experience.

Your Day will start with early Breakfast (6am) at your Hotel after which your Guide will Transfer you to Fort portal Tourism City in Western Uganda. Here you will check in at your Lodge, freshen up then have Lunch before heading out again to the nearby Semliki NP for the Hot springs Experience. The mythical, Surreal Sempaya Hot springs Experience are believed to be more than 1500 years Old and have temperatures of up to 100 Degrees Celsius and comprise of both Male and Female. They are also believed to have medicinal/Healing Properties. With Historical connotations to it regarding their formation and origin by the local Bamaga Tribe nearby, these Hot springs are a must see. After your Hot springs experience, you will then return to your Lodge where you will rest the evening and Night.

Drive Time : 6 hrs
Meal Plan : Full Board
Activities : Transfer to Fort Portal Tourism City +Sempaya Hot Springs Experience.

Day 2: Kibale NP - Chimpanzee Trekking Experience.

Kibaale’s most popular activity is the Kanyanchu Primate Walk. Thirteen species can be sought, and a good variety of diurnal monkeys invariably encountered, but the stars of this twice-daily show are chimpanzees which you will embark on tracking and finding. After your early morning Breakfast, your Driver Guide will proceed to drive you to the Park Reception for briefing after which you will head into the Jungle in search of the Great Apes that total about 1500 in Kibale NP (The highest concentration of Chimpanzees in one place World over).

Chimps are not gentle like Mountain Gorillas. Once you are their midst, expect a lot of Drama and Activity. You will watch them look for food, breastfeed, Groom each other and Mate. You may even witness Fights between members of the Group or larger Males. Like we Humans Each Chimp has a unique personality and Behaviour. Some are quite, others shy while others love Bullying. Like Humans there are Group dynamics and Politics. All this and much more including close to 354 Bird Species you will be able to see before exiting the Park.

You will thereafter drive to the Bigodi Community Tourism Centre for a community Experience where you will have 1st hand experience of Ugandan Village/Local Life before proceeding to Fort portal City for Lunch and subsequently to Queen Elizabeth NP where you will check in at your Lodge for the Night.

Drive Time : 4 Hours
Meal Plan : Full Board
Activities : Chimpanzee Trekking, Community/ Cultural Excursion+ Transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP

Day 3: Queen Elizabeth morning Game Drive + Kazinga Channel Boat Ride.

Your Day will start with early Breakfast (6am) at your Hotel after which you will head out for an early morning Game Drive in search of Africa’s Big 5 especially the early risers like Spotted Hyenas and Lions. You will thereafter traverse the plains of the Park in search of more wildlife before returning to your Lodge for Lunch. You will therafter head back out to the Boat Dock for an afternoon/sunset Boat Ride on Kazinga Channel. Kazinga Channel, a 20 Mile long water Channel connecting Lake George to Lake Edward will play host to this amazing Experience. From Herds of Elephants, Schools of Hippos, Crocodiles, Various Antelope Species and beautiful Water Birds like the Shoebill Stocks ,Pelicans, King fishers like the Pied and woodland King Fishers lined along the Channel banks. The attractions along this channel not forgetting the scenic beauty to top it all off cannot be underestimated.

You will then head back to your Lodge and relax the evening and Night.

Drive Time : 6 hrs
Meal Plan : Full Board
Activities : Transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP & Afternoon Boat Ride.

Day 4: Queen Elizabeth NP – Full Day Game Drive.

You will have early morning Breakfast then head to the Kasenyi Plains of QENP in search of more Wildlife especially the Big 5. Most prominent in this sector being the elusive Leopard and Lions, Schools of Hippos Grazing around or immersed in Mud as well as the more common Antelope Species like Waterbucks, Uganda Kobs and Bushbucks. There is a healthy population of Buffaloes and Elephants too.


You will thereafter head back to your Lodge for Late Lunch and relax the afternoon away in preparation for the long drive the next Day to the South West of Uganda.

Drive Time : 7 hours- Including G
Meal Plan : Full Board
Activities : Full Day Game Drive

Day 5: Transfer back to Bwindi Impenetrable NP- Lake Bunyonyi Experience.

You will have early morning Breakfast before checking out of your Lodge and heading out South West to Lake Bunyonyi  which is the deepest lake in Uganda and 2nd deepest Lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika. Here you will have Lunch as you enjoy the amazing scenic Views of the Lake after which you could visit the many small islands on the Lake by Boat including the famous “Punishment Island” where Girls who had got pregnant out of wedlock where abandoned and left to perish. The Lake and the Islands there in are home to more than 200 Bird Species making it a perfect haven for most Bird Enthusiasts. You will thereafter proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable NP or Mgahinga NP where you will be spending the Night in preparation for Gorilla Trekking the next Day.

Drive Time : 9 hours
Meal Plan : Full Board
Activities : Transfer back to Bwindi Impenetrable NP/ Mgahinga NP+ Lake Bunyonyi Experience.

Day 6: Gorilla Trekking Experience.

You will have early Breakfast at around 6am then proceed to drive to the Park Reception Offices for Briefing. You will then be assigned a Group and Gorilla family to Trekk for the day after which you will be driven to your starting Point and enter into the Jungle in search of the elusive Gentle Giants. The Trekk takes between 2-6 hours depending on where the Family is feeding from for the Day. Gorilla Trekking by far is still every Traveller’s Dream Experience and caps off what must always be an amazing African Safari Experience. You will thereafter return to your Lodge and relax the rest of the day off after a long Day of Hiking.

Drive Time : 1 hour
Meal Plan : Full Board
Activities : Gorilla Trekking Experience

Day 7: Transfer back to Kampala/Entebbe International Airport.

You will have early Breakfast at 7am after which you will start your 8hr Drive back to Kampala with a stopover on the way for Lunch. Your Guide will therafter drop you off at your Hotel or at the Airport marking the end of your trip with us.

Drive Time : 8 Hours
Meal Plan : Full Board, Snacks & Soft Refreshments.
Activities : Transfer back to Kampala/Entebbe International Airport


Additional Information

7 Days : Duration
8/10 : Physicality
Kibale NP, Semliki NP, Queen Elizabeth NP & Bwindi Impenetrable NP/Mgahinga Gorilla NP- Uganda : Location
15 : Age
2023 to 2024 Dates